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www.tehachapinews.com – website of Tehachapi’s hometown newspaper

www.visittehachapi.com – website of the Tehachapi Tourism Commission

www.tehachapi.com – website of the Greater Tehachapi Area Chamber of Commerce

www.tehachapimuseum.org – website of the Tehachapi Heritage League

www.tehachapidepot.com – website of the Tehachapi Depot Railroad Museum

www.mainstreettehachapi.org – website of Main Street Tehachapi, a non-profit organization dedicated to downtown revitalization.

www.tehachapiedc.org — website of the Greater Tehachapi Economic Development Council.

www.tehachapiaor.com — website of the Tehachapi Area Association of Realtors.

www.liveuptehachapi.com — portal website of the City of Tehachapi.

Recent Stories

  1. Where is Tehachapi?

    Long before California became a state, the mountain pass known today as the Tehachapi Pass was used by native people as an important trade route and the people known as the Kawaiisu (or Nüwa in their own language) settled in the nearby...

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    Getting to Tehachapi

    Most people travel to Tehachapi by private vehicle, but there are other ways to get to and from town: Amtrak offers bus service to connect with northbound trains from Bakersfield and southbound and eastbound buses from Tehachapi. Curbside...

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    Getting Around Tehachapi

    Most people get around Tehachapi by private vehicle, but there are alternatives. Two public transportation systems are offered along with a taxi and two rental car agencies. Public transit: • East Kern Express provides inter-city service...

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    Where to Get Information

    VIEW our 2012-13 print edition Tehachapi Visitor Guide Tehachapi News 411 N. Mill St., (661) 822-6828 www.tehachapinews.com Business hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Greater Tehachapi Area Chamber of Commerce 209 E. Tehachapi...

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    Tehachapi: A Guide to Our Communities

    Encompassing more than 275 square miles with a population of about 30,000 people, the Greater Tehachapi Area includes the City of Tehachapi as well as a number of unincorporatesd communities and areas within the ZIP Code 93561. The modern...

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    Weather-wise, Tehachapi is Unique

    Tehachapi is a unique place, climate-wise. Its elevation, positioning between mountain ranges and location on the edge of the Mojave Desert result in weather unlike adjacent areas. Wind is common (and the source of a burgeoning wind...

  7. What Does the Name ‘Tehachapi’ Mean?

    There is no place like Tehachapi – and no other place named Tehachapi. So just what does the name mean? While searching the west for the U.S. government to find a railroad route to California, Lt. R.S. Williamson and his scout, Alexis...

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    Emergency Services and Health Care

    For Emergencies Call 911 California Highway Patrol The Tehachapi area is served by the Mojave office of the California Highway Patrol. 1365 State Highway 58 Mojave, CA 93501 (661) 824-2408 – non-emergency number www.chp.ca.gov Kern...

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